The Instant Way to Lift Your Eyes Without Surgery

Improving your eyesight will bring about more than just freedom from your glasses. For one, you can now brag about the fact that you achieved better eyesight without surgery. No longer will you require special goggles when swimming or diving nor will you be called names in school.

Of course, vision improvement can be costly. It costs a couple thousand dollars and that’s not including the recovery period and the risks that comes with it. Yes, contrary to popular belief, lasik surgery do entail a plethora of risks. These include going blind, dry eyes and over/under correction.

Many eye exercises can improve your vision, some more than others, and the easiest way to learn if an exercise will work for you is to try it. In most cases, improvement occurs within a few months, allowing you to maintain doing the helpful exercises and discard the others. This article discusses some of the exercises that have been shown helpful in correcting vision. Before turning to them, it is should be said that there are some instances where exercises will not correct eyesight. For example, because nearsightedness stems from to the shape of the eyes, exercises will not improve it.

Over the past 15 years, most people, regardless of their age, have spent significant time looking at computer screens. This strains one’s eyes, and just as strain impairs the use of other body parts, eye strain impairs one’s vision. If you’re a constant computer user, one of the best things you can do for your vision is to periodically turn away from the computer, giving your eyes the rest they need.

One heralded exercise to correct eyesight is blinking, which essentially discharges information from your brain. Facial exercises can help keep your eyes looking younger.Just as unloading cargo from a truck prepares it to accept other cargo, blinking readies you to receive other visual information and it helps to reduce eye strain. Counselors encourage blinking several times a minutes for at least five minutes every other day. You can vary this exercise, depending on your results.

Because eyes are moved by muscles, exercising them is helpful. One highly recommended is to sit upright, envision a figure 8 in front of you, and trace its outline with your eyes. Repeat this exercise for a few minutes a day to see the most benefits. Doing this regularly strengthens your eye muscles, enhancing your vision.

Another popular exercise is to focus your eyesight on an object close to you, and after 30 seconds to switch to an object at least 12 feet away. After 30 seconds, return to the closer object and repeat the exercise five more times. This exercise trains your eyes to switch from near to far, essentially pumping your eyes muscles, much the same as lifting weights in a gym. Strengthening your eye muscles will improve your vision, so this exercise is an important aspect of a vision improvement plan.

These exercises are a good starting point for everyone needing to improve vision; further, as well, they can be used by others to maintain correct eyesight.